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Live your True Colors with Hypnotherapy Anne Hsu 2015-10-20

Experience how Hypnotherapy can help you live your True Colors

Hi there, 

My name is Anne, I’m True Colors master trainer, clinical psychologist, as well as a certified hypnotherapist, I love helping people live their True Colors. If your True Colors have been fading, and cognitive shift is a struggle, hypnotherapy maybe for you. Experience first hand how hypnotherapy can influence your greater sense of well being. 

For a private consultation, feel free to email me at 



我是True Colors 培訓講師、臨床心理師、也是催眠治療師,我熱愛這助人活出自己最出色的職業。 若你感到自己出色的光芒,漸漸退淡,又很難調整自己的認知,催眠治療可能是幫助你再次活出自己最出色之秘密工具。 


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